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A collection of commercial door handles that dispense hand sanitizer to help reduce the spread of coronavirus and disease transfer, particularly COVID-19.

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Corona Tools

Corona Tools asked us to redesign their most popular pruning saw handles to match their new visual brand language. The end product has an improved ergonomic grip for better cutting and control, and a design that stows the blade completely within the folded handle for added safety. It's a new favorite among homeowners, professionals and outdoor adventurers.

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Hoolest P57 ONE

The P57 ONE is a novel non-invasive electrical nerve stimulation device. It works by applying small electric impulses that stimulate a branch of the vagus nerve around the ear. This activates the body’s own response to induce a calm and focused state.

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CAVAN Patio Furniture

Long lasting quality and design

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SLYDE fuses the latest technology, leading industrial design and a minimalist, premium-focused aesthetic into a best-in-class personal vaporizer experience that will serve as the backbone of the SLYDEpod ecosystem.

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Oil Infuser

Accurate dosages, every time

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Tango is a proprietary multi-cartridge vaporizer system, that was designed to give users optimal control, allowing a highly customizable experience for recreational and medicinal use. Dosage regulation, via manual controls or via the Tango App, allows users to avoid over consumption.

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AXON Police Drone

AXON is the leader in technology and weapons products for law enforcement and civilians. We worked with AXON to design a police drone concept that would deploy from the top of a police car during traffic stops, record video, and upload it to their secure evidence servers (just like their body cameras). We built a proof of concept to demo during the yearly conference for new and existing customers. This lead to a large interest from law enforcement and a partnership with DJI.

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OZO is a pollution mask designed for comfort and style that has an swappable outer layer to match any outfit. We conducted focus groups and determined that being able to change the appearance of the mask would increase usage. To improve comfort we studied successful products in sleep apnea devices and other health industries, which led us to a design that only seals around the nose. The OZO filters use less material than traditional pollution masks, which saves cost and waste.

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The PURITIZE UV sterilizer uses a patented UVC germicidal light system that is scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in 10 minutes. We cut manufacturing costs by cutting down on molded parts and increasing usable space. The end product can sterilize more objects at once, has 3 barrel plugs to power unique attachments and a USB port for charging your phone and other electronics while they are being sanitized.

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Raymond Loewy Pencil Sharpener

Raymond Loewy is considered the grandfather of industrial design so I wanted to pay tribute to him by recreating his design for a streamlined pencil sharpener. I then made this project into tutorials for my Solidworks and Keyshot class at Arizona State University.

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