Etymotic EVO

In 1991 Etymotic released the first in-ear-monitor (IEM) called the ER4. Their subsequent consumer headphones all used a single balanced armature driver. Etymotic has gained a large following of musicians and audiophiles because of their strong price-to-performance ratio and for being the most technical single-BA IEMs on the market. The EVO is the first pair of multi-driver earphones that the company has released. I was in charge of designing and 3D modeling the housing for the EVO. Below you will see some of our initial concepts, 3D models, marketing renderings and a low-cost version we made for DROP.

Some initial concept sketches for the EVO shell.
I had to design a custom foam insert for an aluminum case we had made. The foam needed to fit the left and right headphones and have space to wrap the cable around.
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